The Full Count: One Week Down

Photo Credit: Felipe FloresWe did not exactly put our best foot forward this weekend, did we?

Series 2: Marlins (2) at Mets (1)

  1. Judging Wheeler & Gsellman based on their starts this weekend is ridiculous. In fact, playing night games at all in New York this time of year is ridiculously short sighted by MLB.
  2. If Jose Reyes doesn’t start to hit, does Granderson become our leadoff hitter again? For that matter, does Flores start at 3B and hit cleanup? I’m not sure I need to see that again based on how well it worked Saturday night.
  3. Speaking of Curtis Granderson, would it be so bad if he was a 4th outfielder? I don’t care if he is getting paid 16 million this season (though I’m sure the Wilpons do). You can only afford to have so many one dimension players out there and in Michael Conforto the Mets have a potential 5 tool guy riding the pine. Sorry Curtis.

Series 3: Mets at Phillies

  1. I really like the idea of a straight Flores/Duda platoon sometimes. On the other hand, Lucas Duda was a monster in the early going of 2015. I think he’s going to do some damage against Philadelphia and it will be tough to keep him out of the lineup against all but the best lefties going forward.
  2. Clearly, it is too early to be watching the standings, but St. Louis is visiting Washington, so this is a good series to gain a game on the Gnats. Right now, the NL East is pretty much tied for first at 3-3 by the way, except Atlanta whose sole win came against the Mets.