The Full Count: Inaugural Edition

I’m not so interested in writing a review of each and every game since you can get that anywhere and if you’re visiting this blog you probably do. What I am interested in, however, is the story of the season, and the series by series nature of the season is an excellent lens through which to tell the story.

With that in mind, between each series, I’ll be identifying three key points, questions, or musings particularly relevant to the just completed series and two more specific to the upcoming series.

As the Mets have just completed their first series of the season against the Braves and will square off against the Marlins tonight, here’s the first installment of what I’m calling The Full Count.

Series 1: Braves (1) at Mets (2)

  1. Is this really the top three in the starting rotation? If so, sign me up! Syndergaard, DeGrom, & Harvey were nothing short of phenomenal in these 3 starts.

    Based on what Jacob DeGrom has done so far in his career, I very much expect him to put things together this year and contend for the Cy Young. The way he pitched last year without his best fastball says volumes about his pitching I.Q. As for Noah Syndergaard, the sky is clearly the limit as he has both exceptional talent and composure. Matt Harvey? He could be in line for his second MLB Comeback Player of the Year award.

  1. How much rope will Hansel Robles get? Robles needs to take a step forward this season, particularly in terms of reliability. The seventh inning is his to take, right here and right now. If he can’t seize it in this his final pre-arbitration year, this could be his farewell season in Flushing.
  2. Are the Mets being more patient at the plate? I didn’t see much of the rubber game of this series, but it sure seemed like they were taking more pitches to me in the first two games. Small sample size obviously, but right now they are on pace for about 200 more walks than they had last year. More importantly, patience is how you wear starting pitchers down over the course of a game.

Series 2: Marlins at Mets

  1. What will Zack Wheeler do? He’s been out of the majors for two seasons now but way back in 2014 he seemed to be putting it together. Here’s hoping he can put Tommy John far behind him when he takes the mound at Citi Field Friday night.
  2. Will Michael Conforto start at all the first week of the season? I’d like to see him in center tonight against Wei-Yin Chen. If he hits well, Granderson can ride the pine Sunday night as well for all I care. Terry being Terry, that won’t happen.