The Full Count: Good Cheese Steak Sandwich! Now, Let’s Try The Fish

I have to admit it feel nice to tear into the Phillies when we’re in their ballpark. Fans older than 15 hardly think of this as a big Mets rivalry, but it could get there in time if the bad blood keeps building.

Series 3: Mets (3) at Phillies (0)

  1. Hansel Robles could have a great season by any number of statistical measures. However, the pitch that he absolutely has to make to get to the next level is the pitch Maikel Franco hit over the fence. Honestly, I’m not convinced he has the head on his shoulders to make this happen.
  2. I don’t buy into moving Jose to the #7 spot in the batting order. I think this is of limited value to the team and since he’s batted leadoff his entire career, a detriment to him as it disrupts his routine. That said, I’m a Jose Reyes fan and I’m rooting for him as much as I am any Met.
  3. Curtis Granderson has to without a doubt be the most popular Met I have ever wanted to see fade into the sunset. I want Conforto to get a chance to play though and if he can succeed in the leadoff spot while playing a solid centerfield, that makes him immensely more valuable to the team in the long term.

Series 4: Mets at Marlins

  1. If you didn’t see this cat video from a couple of nights ago, you really missed out. Seriously. It’s way cooler than the home run sculpture at Marlins Park.
  2. I’m really curious to see what Robert Gsellman does tonight. I don’t recall him having any bad starts last year so maybe he has a nice sized chip on his shoulder after getting hit hard last Saturday. Go get ‘em Dirty deGrom!