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I  became a Mets during the final week of the 1985 season. I was 13 years old, horrifically unathletic, and I had never given baseball or any other sport much notice at all. Savvy fans will realize that the Mets were embroiled in an epic battle with the St. Louis Cardinals that week, a battle they would ultimately lose. I honestly don’t know why, but I got hooked. I inhaled baseball throughout the winter and for my efforts the Mets repaid me with a world championship. Over 30 years later, I feel fairly certain that I’ll cry if we ever finally win another.

I’ve created this site because while I love some of the established Mets fan sites out there, I think there is room for one more. This site is  surely meant to be Mets focused, but also focused on the larger game of baseball, particularly when the game gets more….Metsian.

We’re looking for writers, social media help, and more. Get in touch if you’re interested in being part of Mets & More.

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